the stampede ecs is one of the best nerf guns ever!did u ever find out that with the 18 clip u cant have the bipod on and have the stampede stand right but i have figured a soulution for that u can put the recon cs 6 lazer on first you can fit the bipod on the lightand it can then stand on its own! another way to deal with thjat is just using the 6 dart clip but hey you cant sacrifise ammo another special thing you can do with the vulcan is put a strap around just like the the review part now the stampede has many good features like the sheild and the bipod but theres also not to good thingslike when you youse the sheild you cant see to well but atleast you have better protection and also sometime the stampede just rippes up your darts sometimes i have i have phome come out of my barrel the stampede has 6 tactical rails i just thought you might need to know that another good thing about the stampede that you all know is that it can shoot rapid fireand the stampede is known for being the farthest shooting nerf gun ever and for a final thing about the stampede ecs is that it can take the raiders 35 dart clip


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