hey guys its me crazy train and heres some stuff abot the alpha trooper. 1st of all it comes with an awsome 18 dart on the top drum whick 1st of all you can see how much ammo left and 2nd it takes up less space than the regular clip and lastly if you take the drum out of the gun you can clear the jams with its jam remover. also the alpha trooper has the jam clearing door thing on the top but in my opinion i just think the drum clearer is cooler.Another thing about it is that it has one tactical rail JUST ONE so ya. If wanted too you could put a stock on on the back i would reccomend the longstrike one cuz it could hold 2 6 dart clip things inve to do is hold down the trigger the whole time then just pull it back and forth many times really fast. in conclusion i think the alpha trooper is ok but it could shoot up to 30 ft. and has pretty good accuracy if you have a good shot like me thank you for reading :).